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Effective trade operations, product expertise and perfect service.

«AFRICA SERVICE» began it's activities in April 2011, formed by professional with extensive experiencein international market, operates in the following areas Imports and Exports.

Our service is aimed at international customers and offers a full range of supply of food services:
We are ready to provide you with the best products in stock, form custom batches according to purchase orders and work out logistics schemes enabling us to meet delivery terms for products and raw materials in strict compliance with the needs of retail networks and producers.

Our products: Confectionery, Flour, Sugar, Cereals, flax, sunflower, soybean oil, milk powder, egg powder, cheese, Caviar, Canned meat, fish, chicken, turkey, treacle molasses, spices, berries sea buckthorn juice Sea-buckthorn, Frozen berries, mushrooms, Food from Siberia, ingredients for confectionery and bakery industry, Condensed milk, Forage for farm animals from almost all production and cultivation regions within Russia, Africa and other countries.

Quality characteristics of goods and raw materials comply with strict international standards and individual customer’s requirements ("tailor made"). We thoroughly examine each batch for compliance with contract specification requirements at all stages: from the production site to the end consumer. All the batches delivered have all necessary certificates in order in order they could be approved as compliant with sanitary-epidemiological and phytosanitary requirements and standards of the importing country.

We control every stage of procurement and select reliable producers which enables us to guarantee the fulfillment of contractual obligations and protect our clients from risks arising from political and economic instability in producing countries, as well as crop failures and price fluctuations.


Formation of optimal logistics and distribution

  • Delivery of goods from grow fields and production facilities in Russia to customers’ retail chains and processing factories;
  • Management of risks arising in distributor networks;
  • Stock storage and handling in accordance with industry standards;
  • Shipping and transport documentation;
  • Certification and customs clearance for Russian customers;
  • Customized transport and shipping documents in accordance with foreign trade regulations and requirements of exporting and importing countries;
  • Forwarding of goods by sea, rail or road;
  • Creation of an efficient supply chain from FOB Origin / FCA Warehouse to DAP / DDP Destination;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Goods storage at transit warehouses;
  • Quality control at all stages of cargo transportation;
  • Obtaining all necessary certificates for goods in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological and phytosanitary requirements and regulations of the importing country.
  • Arrangement and execution of all customs formalities.


Our main principles:

  • Trading ethics and commitment to the highest service standards;
  • Transaction and customs procedures transparency;
  • Loyalty, transparency, commitment and effectiveness;
  • Focus on our suppliers’ and customers’ needs and desires;

Every day our efficient management team makes everything to provide fulfillment of contractual obligations, risk management, quality control and the best logistics.